Zendaya Reportedly Offered Role of Ariel in Live-Action 'Little Mermaid'

Disney just can't frickin' stop making live-action versions of all our animated favorites -- and The Little Mermaid is next on their to-do list.

While it has been confirmed that Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda will be composing the music for the film, the actress that will play the lead role of Ariel has been a mystery -- until now, maybe.

You see, there's a rumor going around that Disney has offered the part to The Greatest Showman darling, Zendaya. Given her beauty, grace, vocal ability AND THE FACT THAT SHE ONCE STATED THAT THE LITTLE MERMAID IS HER FAVORITE MOVIE, this could not be more perfect [iN mY oPiNiOn]. 

Seriously though, look at this photo of Z with red hair and TRY to tell me that you can't see it.

There has been no official statement from Zendaya or Disney on the matter (as of right now), but reactions to the rumor have been largely positive. WhAt Do YoU tHiNk?!

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