Waffle House Hero Holds First "Come Together Day" in Nashville

Since disarming the gunman who opened fire on unsuspecting patrons at a local Waffle House in April, James Shaw Jr. has been hailed a hero -- and his dedication to serving the Nashville community has only increased with time. 

In celebration of his new foundation, Shaw hosted his first ever "Come Together Day" at his alma mater, Tennessee State University

“Come Together Day was my way of bringing the Nashville community together to remember those that have lost their lives to senseless gun violence, and to have a collective conversation about what we plan to do about this and other urgent issues as a community," Shaw told reporters. 

His foundation [which is named after him] seeks to reduce gun violence and address mental health issues. (Considering the fact that the shooter was recently deemed mentally unfit to stand trial, this feels incredibly appropriate.)

"If you're a Nashvillian, if you're new to Nashville, if you're a college student and you're now a Nashvillian -we want you to come and be a part of this. All of this fun, this good activity, and come up with a solution to the violence that we have going on in Nashville," James said. 

More details below!

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