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Meghan McCain Rebukes President Trump in Emotional Eulogy for John McCain

Grab some tissues before you watch this, because it's not for the faint of heart. 

The country continues to mourn the loss of Senator John McCain, who was celebrated in a fiery and emotional eulogy from his daughter, Meghan, at Washington National Cathedral Saturday morning. While most of her speech was centered on memories of growing up under the war hero's guidance, she did spend a bit of time making some pretty pointed remarks at the current president, who was often at odds with her father. 

"We gather to mourn the passing of American greatness, the real thing -- not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice, those that live lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served,Meghan said in a not-so-subtle-swipe at Trump.

[DJT once famously remarked "I like people that weren't captured" while feuding with the late Senator -- who was a prisoner of war for five years in Hanoi. POTUS got four deferments not to fight in Vietnam, including one for a bone spur.]

"The America of John McCain is generous and welcoming and bold. she's resourceful, confident, secure. She meets her responsibilities. she speaks quietly because she's strong. America does not boast because she has no need to. The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great," she continued. [Note: this was the only point in Meghan's 2,000 word speech where attendees interrupted her to applaud.]

While headlines have mostly centered on the PreSiDeNtiAL jabs, the most poignant part of Meghan's powerful eulogy focused solely on the loving father that John was to her. 

"Imagine the warrior, the knight of the skies gently carrying his little girl to bed. Imagine the dashing aviator who took his aircraft, hurdling off pitching decks in the South China Seas, kissing the hurt when I fell and skinned my knee. Imagine the distinguished states man who counseled presidents singing with his girl in oak creek during a rainstorm to singing in the rain," she remarked tearfully.

"You all have to imagine that. I don't have to because I lived it all. I know who he was. I know what defined him. I got to see it every single day of my blessed life. John McCain was not defined by prison, by the navy, by the senate, by the republican party or by any single one of the deeds in his absolutely extraordinary life. John McCain was defined by love."

You can watch the full eulogy below, but maybe take off your mascara first. 

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