Executive Producer of 'The Simpsons' Points Out HUGE Flaw in Major Episode

Although 'The Simpsons' has sort of scared people with its EeRiLy PrOpHeTiC storylines [Donald Trump as president, anyone?]...

...the animated sitcom doesn't always get things right -- as evidenced by an executive producer that just pointed out a HUGE flaw in S6 EP13 (And Maggie Makes Three).

A picture of Maggie is literally hanging on the wall as Marge reveals to Homer that she's pregnant. LOL!

But here's the thing -- even though Matt Selman claims this was just a mistake, I can't help but wonder if it's just another way that creators of the show were dropping hints aBoUt ThE FuTuRe. 

What do YOU think about this revelation?!

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