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Study Finds That Drinking Young People's Blood Could Help You Live Longer

If you thought 2018 couldn't possibly get more oUt oF wAcK, take a look at this.

A bizarre study [funded by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel] has allegedly found that "drinking young people's blood could help you live longer and prevent age-related diseases."

The study was conducted by researchers from University College London, including Geneticist Dame Linda Partridge, who said it could reduce the chances of developing age-related disorders like cancer and heart disease.

"I would say aging is the emperor of all diseases," Partridge told The Times. “A lot of people regard aging as ‘natural’ and that therefore you shouldn’t interfere with nature. But we’ve always considered it an ethical imperative to cure illness where we find it."

According to NY Post, the research is part of a group of studies backed by Peter Thiel at Ambrosia, a start-up in San Francisco. [You know, where all the start-ups StArT uP. Ha!]

One of Ambrosia's trials involved 70 participants, all 35 or older, who were given plasma (the main component of blood) from volunteers ages 16-25. Apparently, researchers noted actual improvements in biomarkers for various diseases. 

[I guess Ambrosia currently offers teenage blood plasma to customers at a rate of $8,000 for every 2½ liters.]


**UPDATE: SNOPES did some digging, and it seems that there was some questionable reporting by NY Post on this subject. Yes, Ambrosia exists and it's experimenting with the blood of young people, but nobody is actually drinking it. Also, Geneticist Dame Linda Partridge's research is conducted with animals at this time, and she claims that her work is NOT funded by Thiel and Ambrosia LLC. Read more about their fact check below

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