There's A Sleep-Away Camp for Adults in Nashville & It Looks So Fun

I have no idea how I didn't already know about this, but there's literally a sleep-away camp for adults in Nashville. It's called Camp No Counselors, and I'm fully prepared to give them all of my money.

Camp No Counselors was actually featured on ABC's Shark Tank -- and their whole thing is letting adults 'play like kids and party like grown-ups.' 

In addition to classic summer camp activities like Capture the Flag, Kayaking, & Nature Hikes, CNC also has themed parties every night and an open bar

CNC is all inclusive too, so the $575 cost covers eVErYtHiNg -- meals, accommodations, activities, booze -- even the "surprise events" and performances they often throw for guests.

Side note: the list of activities is loooooong. Look!
Archery / Arts ‘n Crafts / Baseball / Basketball / Capture the Flag / Climbing Tower / Color War / Foursquare / Friendship Bracelet Making / Kayaking / Kickball / Nature Hikes / Painting / Ropes Courses / Slip n' Slide / Softball / Sunbathing / Swimming Pool / Talent Show / Tie-Dye / Ultimate Frisbee / Wakeskating / Water Skiing / Zipline and much more!

You going, fam?!

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