Blake Lively Teams Up with Amazon to Create Scripted Fashion Series

Everyone's favorite FaShiOn iCoN Blake Lively has reportedly teamed up with Amazon Studios to create a brand new scripted fashion series. [As a die-hard Gossip Girl fan, I am shook.]

Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke revealed the news during the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit on Wednesday, calling Lively "a force of nature: ambitious, smart and talented." 

There aren't a ton of details on the project as of yet, but it seems there will be some sort of ShOp WhiLe YoU WaTcH component, where viewers will be able to buy pieces featured on the show. 

Salke told Variety that the show "will be excellent and culturally relevant and original and all those things, but it will also have a connection to a merchandising opportunity." 

We're also not sure whether or not Lively will actually star in the series, but apparently the deal is "a moment from done."

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