Smyrna High School Students Mourn the Loss of Beloved Drama Teacher

As a former Smyrna High School student, I can say that without a doubt, pretty much everyone's favorite teacher was Shannon Williams

She taught drama; and even as an incredibly shy, introverted teenager, I remember feeling absolutely elated the year I got to take her class. She was known for being warm and fun, and a trustworthy confidant for any student that ever found themselves in need of someone to talk to. Mrs. Williams was the kind of teacher that everyone dreams of having -- so Bulldogs everywhere are mourning her passing, as her battle with cancer came to a close early Wednesday. Her family revealed the heartbreaking news in an emotional Facebook post. 

Shannon is survived by her husband of 18 years, Smyrna High football coach Matt Williams, and their two children, Keller and Neely. 

Funeral arrangements have yet to be announced, but [current and former] students have been sharing their memories of her all morning. 

Rest in peace, Mrs. Williams. You are still so loved, and already so missed.

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