Taylor Swift Just Sent Woody & Jim Flowers for the Craziest Reason

November 30th, 2018 is a pretty special day around here -- because it marks the 20 year anniversary of Woody & Jim broadcasting on The River in Nashville

The guys didn't even know, but we did. However, before any of us had a chance to congratulate them ourselves, Taylor Alison Swift beat us to the punch. She had flowers waiting for them in the studio this morning. [And they are frickin' gorgeous.]

Taylor has quite a bit of history with Woody & Jim, as she appeared on their show for the first time when Teardrops On My Guitar crossed over

"She was so smart. You could tell she was focused and that she knew what she wanted to do," Woody says of their first meeting.

"To this day, she remains one of our favorite artists, simply because of her sincerity and warmth over the years. She's actually pays attention when you talk. She remembers things," Jim told River listeners when he found the flowers. [And clearly, her thoughtful gift on such a huge day only proves his point.]

Here's to making many more memories -- with Taylor and all of you

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