Liam Hemsworth Rescued Miley's Animals from the California Wildfire

Miley Cyrus recently lost her home in Malibu to the California wildfires -- but the good news is, her many animals made it out safely. It turns out that her 'survival partner' Liam Hemsworth actually evacuated them himself! [Miley was in Africa filming for the upcoming season of Black Mirror.] 

You can watch her tell Jimmy Fallon all about it below. **Side note: her impression of him is pretty hilarious.

Cyrus told a decidedly more SuLtRy version of the story while visiting Howard Stern earlier this week, revealing that Liam "got a lot of action" for his act of heroism. Considering they have 7 dogs, 2 horses, 2 pigs, 2 “mini-horses” and 3 cats, it really was an amazing feat.


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