Nashville Clothing Brand 'NaSHEville' Helps Support Women & Girls in Need

If you're a Nashvillian with a passion for helping women & girls, you'll definitely want to know about Nasheville. 

Created by University of Tennessee alumni Brooke Tometich and Mattie Selecman, the clothing brand aims to support females in need, who range from sex-trafficking victims to widows and orphans.

"We really believe this is a divine mission, and all we want to do is give back to those people, those three groups that at some stage in their life can't help themselves, " Selecman told WKRN. 

Selecman is a former restaurant owner, who closed up shop when she believed she was being called to do something that would empower women. She met up with Brooke -- a hairstylist with the same passion and a degree in counseling -- not long after, and Nasheville was born. 

"People said, why an apparel brand, and we said what's more of a conversation starter or a walking billboard than cute clothes," Tometich added. "...It's not hard to give back through Nasheville. All you do is support us and wear our stuff. There's kind of this old antiquated assumption that to give back or to serve you have to give something up, or it's very laboring, or time intensive or it's just not fun. And this is just easy and fun. It's just cute stuff. And athleisure is in."

While Nasheville apparel [which includes t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc.] is available now, that's not all the company has planned. A podcast is coming too! You can find out more via their Facebook and Instagram pages, or visit their website directly at

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