"Catch Me Outside" Girl 'Bhad Bhabie' Lands $900k Beauty Deal

Remember Danielle Bregoli [AKA the Catch-Me-Outside-HOWBOWDAH girl from Dr. Phil]?

ICYMI, Bregoli has created quite the ~*NeW LiFe*~ for herself, complete with 15.7 million Instagram followers and a rap career, where she's known to fans as Bhad Babie. Well, the 15-year-old is showing no signs of slowing down, as she's just landed a $900k endorsement deal with Copycat Beauty. The online cosmetics brand announced her as the new face of the company this week.

"We chose Danielle for our brand because she speaks to an entire generation, and doesn’t believe in hype and overpaying. Danielle is in it to be a visionary not just for the money," Copycat said in an official statement. 

Copycat Beauty is known for their budget-friendly 'knockoffs' of expensive makeup brands, like Urban Decay, M.A.C., Stila & Too Faced. You can watch Danielle show off some of their products below!

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