Conspiracy Theory About Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Goes Viral

Pretty much every 90s kid grew up loving Chuck. E Cheese -- but thanks to a new ~*cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrY ViDeO*~ from YouTube King Shane Dawson , everyone is looking at the pizza/arcade joint in a whole new light.

Dawson's investigation covers the more obvious questions [ie 'Is Chuck E. Cheese essentially just priming the youth of America for eventual gambling?' ] before blowing our minds about how StRAnGE the pizza is there.

Have you ever noticed that its incredibly uneven? Basically, the theory* is that staffers save all the pizza their customers don't eat, and then use it to form NEW pizzas to serve to other customers. The pictures are pretty compelling, tbh.

You can watch the full video about it below. [ Literally millions of people have watched within the last 24 hours. ]

Many people are absolutely convinced that this is real, while others who work for Chuck E. Cheese swear its not. What are YOUR thoughts?!

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