Lady Gaga Confirms Breakup, Reveals New Tattoos that Nod to Bradley Cooper

After weeks of speculation, a representative for Lady Gaga has confirmed that she and Christian Carino have officially ended their engagement.This comes right after Mother Monster revealed some NeW TaTtOos that may be a not-so-subtle-nod to her A Star is Born director and co-star, Bradley Cooper.

One tattoo commemorates the song la vie en rose, which is the first song Bradley ever saw Gaga perform. He was reportedly so moved that he eventually recreated that moment in A Star is Born [where Ally sings the same song in a drag bar].

The second tat is a line of musical notes, which seems innocent enough, until you realize the notes could represent Bradley's initials. Apparently, they do.

Given how heavily affectionate Gaga & Bradley have been while promoting A Star is Born, part of me thinks this is just a scheme to sustain hype around the movie [which is nominated for multiple Academy Awards this Sunday]. But multiple tattoos and an actual breakup might indicate some level of real life romance.

What do YOU think about all of this?!

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