College Student Exposes Her Boyfriend IRL Vs. On Social Media & Its Cute AF

Ladies, if you find yourself frustrated by -- or even amused with -- your boyfriend for being sappy IRL but a total troll on social media, you're not alone. Meet Olivia [AKA Fatness Everdeen on Twitter] who recently exposed her man for that exact behavior.

In a since deleted Tweet [she was not looking to go viral, apparently], she said:

'I just find it funny how the minute the bedroom door close’s my bf is like” baby💕😍 let’s get the cuddles 🥰🥳 GOING!!! Chugga Chugga CHOO CHOO cuddle train 😍😍💕✨🙉 coming round 😘😘next stop cutie PIE village population YOU😍” but his insta captions r like “me and bitch.”' (LOL!)

Needless to say, tons of women were subsequently inspired to call out their own boyfriends. The results were both heartwarming and hilarious.

Keep scrolling for all the top-secret-lovey-dovey-sh** they refuse to say publicly, and the crazy stuff they say instead.

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