New Nashville Mural Might Be Connected to Taylor Swift's Upcoming Album

At the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards, Taylor Swift promised that when new music was on the way, her fans would be the first to know. The snake queen made good on that promise last Saturday, when she revealed an Instagram countdown that ends April 26th.

But we Swifties have noticed a potential ~*NeW #TS7 CLuE*~ right here in Nashville. It's a brand new mural, featuring butterfly wings, cats, and 13 hearts. [Taylor wore a gorgeous pair of butterfly shoes to the iHRMAs, she has been posting pictures of her beloved Meredith Grey & Olivia Benson, and 13 is her lucky number, I MEAN COME ON, THE TWO HAVE TO BE CONNECTED.]

It's worth noting that Kelsey Montague --the artist who painted the gorgeous street art-- has not posted ANYTHING about it on her Instagram, which is CuRiOuS, given that she keeps followers updated on all of her other projects.


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