Taylor Swift May Show Up at the NFL Draft in Nashville, Fan Theory Suggests

As we brace ourselves for Taylor Swift to release #TS7, fans are going wild over the theory that the snake queen might show up at the NFL Draft in Nashville.

Speculation really took off after a new butterfly mural [featuring 13 hearts] showed up in The Gulch, as Swift revealed a countdown ending on 4.26.

Local news outlets quickly reported that ABC & ESPN had paid for the mural -- but that only further supports the idea that the street art has everything to do with Taylor. [If you'll remember, she had a partnership with ABC & ESPN for reputation. They used Ready For It in EPSN commercials even before the album came out.]

Combine all of that with the fact that her countdown ends during the NFL Draft, Nashville has been her home for years and TIM FRIGGIN' MCGRAW IS PERFORMING [hello, one of her biggest songs ever is literally called Tim McGraw] -- Taylor HAS to show up. Right?!

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