Elderly Woman Dangles from Helicopter, Spins Wildly in "Rescue from Hell"

It's important to start this story off by letting you know that somehow, this little old lady is okay.

Now that you know that granny survives, please watch this viral video and see how long it takes before you either cry-laugh or drop your jaw to the floor.

A 74-year-old woman was "rescued" by helicopter after she reportedly fell and injured herself during a hike through Piestewa Peak. But the, uh, "ReScUe" was really more of an insane carnival ride, or one of NASA's G-Force training simulations. See below for yourself.

A fire official said she was treated for nausea and dizziness, but was otherwise unharmed from the ride. Apparently Granny is a tough frickin' cookie.

Naturally, this whole story has caused The Internet to go absolutely wild with memes and commentary.

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