Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau Got Engaged Last Night Because 2019 is Wild

As if 2019 weren't already wild enough, YouTubers Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau are engaged.

You read that right.

Apparently Jake popped the question during Tana's 21st birthday celebration in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

While I was honestly inclined to see this as a joke or a stunt for a video, Tana has been all over Twitter swearing that it's not.

Jake & Tana's romance was initially supposed to be a mere rebound/did-it-for-the-clout situation, but over the last several weeks, it appears to have evolved into something real?!

I mean, I think they're perfect for each other, so I'm not mad at it -- but if they break up in twenty seconds, that won't surprise me either. LOL! What do you think about all this?!

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