Maren Morris is in a Girl Group Called "The Highwomen" with Brandi Carlile

Maren Morris has been absolutely everywhere the last couple of years -- snatching up Grammy Awards, snatching our wigs with incredibly catchy pop records and more importantly, her unapologetic dedication to female empowerment.

Now she's taking that another step further with country girl-group The Highwomen, comprised of herself, Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires & Natalie Hemby.

"There's been a pretty severe drought of women in country music being played on the radio the last ten years, and so I think we're just trying to show that women can support other women, and not be cut throat, and lift each other up, and it not be this kind of 'there's only a few spots, so we have to fight them out' mentality," Morris said of the quartet in an interview with Howard Stern.

Their first single, Redesigning Women, is all about those struggles that are quintessentially female -- like finding the balance between raising children and maintaining a career outside the home -- with lyrics like:

Redesigning women / Runnin' the world while we're cleanin' up the kitchen / Makin' bank, shakin' hands, drivin' 80 / Tryin' to get home just to feed the baby / Skippin' the bread for the butter / Changin' our minds like we change our hair color / Yeah, ever since the beginning / We've been redesigning women

Redesigning Women is available for streaming now!

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