Macy's Apologizes for "Missing the Mark" with Portion Plates

American department store chain Macy's is taking heat this week, after a podcast host shared a photo of portion-control-plates being sold at their New York location.

The plates feature rings that are intended to represent how much a person should eat in order to fit into a particular style of jeans (in this case, skinny, favorite and mom jeans). Many assert that the plates body-shame and could encourage eating disorders.

"My call for a nationwide 'ban' was hyperbolic; but I do think that anyone who casually sees these can experience body shame and I think it sends a really warped message to women specifically about starvation — as well as having no grasp on portion sized and healthy eating choices. Veggies take up way more room than mac 'n' cheese so this doesn’t even help anyone have a healthier relationship to intuitive eating," Ward told Buzzfeed News.

Macy's responded directly to Ward, apologizing for "missing the mark."

What do you think about the plates?

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