Taylor Swift Pays Young Woman's College Tuition & Rent

Taylor Swift fan Ayesha Khurram got the surprise of her life last night, just hours after sharing on social media that she likely had to drop out of college due to lack of funds.

guys. i don’t have enough for tuition this semester. i think im going to have to drop out and i don’t fucking want to i have a good average i’m- i don’t want to drop out but i can’t fucking afford it and the government loan isn’t covering it i’m panicking so hard, she wrote in a tumblr post.

~*BuT tHeN*~ -- like the angel straight from Heaven that she is -- T-Swift transferred thousands of Canadian dollars straight to her bank account, to cover both tuition and rent.

"Ayesha, get your learn on girl! I love you!" the accompanying note read.

Ayesha and the entire Swiftie fandom quickly dissolved into an ocean of happy tears, because miracles really do happen.

i didn’t even dream this would happen i swear to fucking god i didn’t even dream this would happen just called my mom at work and my mom started bawling on the phone oh my fucking goodness


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