How to Get Disney+ Streaming Service for $4 A Month

Literally every TV network/company/and their grandmother is creating a streaming service these days, but the one you're probably hearing the most about is the HiGhLy AnTiciPaTeD Disney+.

It's set to launch November 12th at a rate of $6.99 a month [or $69.99 for a year] -- but Disney has announced an offer that will make it even cheaper. Members of its D23 fan club can pre-order the streaming service for a discounted price of about $4.99 a month! You'll have to sign up for three years of the service [totaling $140.97], but when you do the math, you end up saving almost an ENTIRE year of the streaming service.

Here's what you need to do to lock-in the discounted price **and be part of the "Founder's Circle"**:

1.Create a D-23 account [it's free!] before September 2nd

2.Be on the lookout for the Disney+ offer to show up in your e-mail or D-23 account info. It may take about 36 hours to get the notification.

3.Click on the "Redeem Offer" option, and then purchase the three-year subscription.

And voila!

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