8th Grader Organizes School Closet for Classmates in Need

If you need a reason to smile this morning, look no further than 13-year-old Chase Neyland-Square of Louisiana, who has organized a closet at his middle school for students in need.

"PAMs pantry" is filled with shoes, clothes, and personal hygiene products that are made available to any classmate that may need them.

"My favorite part about helping with the pantry is getting types of clothes and sorting them out to give to various people," Chase told Good Morning America. "It makes me feel good because I know that I can make a difference in my school."

"He seems to have a great passion for people," Chase's mom, Amanda Square said. "It makes me proud because we're very blessed, and I always encourage him to bless others."

Chase has also given back to his community by hosting dinners for senior citizens, and once donated 700 pairs of socks for the homeless once.

Faith in humanity restored.

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