Photos of 'Dr. Phil's' House Have Seriously Perplexed the Internet

Twitter has been having a ~*FiELd DaY*~ ever since photos of 'Dr. Phil's' house hit the Internet.

I mean, machine guns on the dining room wall, a little bear statue that says "F***" on it, a staircase covered in's a lot. Many comparisons to The Cheesecake Factory were drawn. LOL!

But as it turns out, while the house is 'held in the McGraw Family Trust,' Dr. Phil himself never lived there. Apparently, the house belongs to his son, Jordan -- who has been on tour all year with the Jonas Brothers.

"The 'guns' on display are actually an anti-gun art installation where the useless guns are melted," a spokesman for the "Dr. Phil" show told CNN.

So there you have it! The house is weird, but harmless, and really has nothing to do with the man who gifted us all with Bhad Babie. You are now free to go about your day.

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