Instagram Deactivates the Account of 'The Naked Philanthropist'

In an attempt to help with the Australian bushfire crisis, 20-year-old Kaylen Ward offered to send nude photos to anyone who could prove they donated at least $10 to relief efforts.

"I was seeing all the posts on Twitter about the Australian fires and I was really concerned there wasn't a lot of media coverage and not a lot of people donating," she told BuzzFeed News. "I was expecting to raise maybe $1,000, but the tweet blew up."

Ward -- who was affected by the fires in California last year -- received such a massive response that she had to hire a team of four people to help her keep up with demand. She estimates that so far, she's raised around $700,000.

Although Ward has been running the campaign completely on Twitter, Instagram ended up suspending her account for allegedly violating their guidelines. [She denies having done so, and has reached out to them to try and fix it. So far, the social media platform has yet to respond to her or any other news outlets about the situation.]

Meanwhile, a ton of fake accounts claiming to be Kaylen have popped up.

What are your thoughts on this form of philanthropy?

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