This Puppy Was Just Born With A Lime Green Coat, Owners Named Him 'Hulk'

Undoubtedly the most important thing in your news feed today is the fact that a lime green puppy was just born in North Carolina.

His mom is a white German Shepherd named Gypsy, but he somehow came into the world with a green coat -- so naturally, his humans named him 'Hulk.'

Apparently, he owes his unique color to meconium...which is an animal's first stool.

Yep. His first poop, that was just floating around in the womb with him and his seven other siblings, and it stained him.

"Mom licks it away until I bathe it, and then, I guess after a couple of washes, it will finally fade out,” owner Shana Stamey told WIS News.

While kinda gross, its harmless; Gypsy and her pups are all happy and healthy.

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