NikkieTutorials 'Shocked' After Authorities Discover Who Blackmailed Her

YouTube beauty-guru NikkieTutorials made headlines earlier this month when she revealed in an emotional video that she's transgender.

While de Jager received tons of love and support from around the world, the revelation wasn't without its dark twist, as someone allegedly blackmailed her into making the admission in the first place [threatening to leak her story to the press].

Now Nikkie has posted a follow-up, in which she reveals that police have identified the guilty party; but in what many believe to be surprising move, she's asking her fans to simply let it go.

"With this platform that we have right here, I have the power to destroy a life. I have the ability to not only destroy the life of my blackmailer, but also the life of his family, his kids, his friends...," Nikkie said in the video. "... If I out this person, am I gonna be doing the same as this person did to me? I don't want to lower myself to his level. No, I am creating my own level... I am better than that."

You can watch the full video below.

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