Tom Hanks Adorably Demanded Oscars Producers Let 'Parasite' Winners Speak

Hi, as if we needed any more evidence that Tom Hanks is the absolute cutest, you have to see what happened at the 92nd annual Academy Awards last night.

You see, Parasite made history by becoming the first foreign language film to win the Best Picture category. Naturally, given the importance of the moment, you'd expect the Oscars producers to allow the filmmakers time to give their full acceptance speech. [But its pretty rare that Oscars producers live up to anyone's expectations, amiright?]

Literally like one minute into their speech, those monsters tried to turn down the stage lights and pan over to Jane Fonda (who was tasked with the night's official sign-off) -- but Tom Hanks wasn't having it.

Hanks -- along with Charlize Theron and other front-row occupants -- screamed "UP! UP! UP!" as they waved their precious little arms in the air, demanding that producers give those history-makers the airtime they deserved.

And, I'm happy to report, that sh** worked.

Check it out below for all ~*FeELz*~!

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