Taylor Swift Reportedly Paying Damages Kesha Ordered to Pay to Dr. Luke

People around the world were heartbroken for Kesha last week when a NY judge ruled that the singer defamed Dr. Luke -- her alleged rapist -- and ordered that the singer pay him over $374,000 in royalties.

Now the anonymous entertainment industry lawyer/blogger behind Crazy Days And Nights is claiming that Taylor Swift has quietly stepped up to pay the fees on Kesha's behalf.

"This female A+ list singer is footing the bill not only for the lawyers but also all the damages that this A- list singer has been ordered to pay. It would bankrupt the A- list singer to have to pay," the blind-item reads. One week later, Taylor Swift & Kesha were revealed as the subjects of the post.

As Swift has already assisted Kesha with legal fees once before, this isn't hard to believe, but it's still worth noting that Crazy Days And Nights is the only source reporting this story [at this point].

What do you think about all of this?

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