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See Pictures from My Latest Boudoir Shoot with The Adore Girls!

I don't know about you, but I grew up watching Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. For years I admired those models; their confidence, their toned stomachs and long legs, wishing I could stretch my 5'2" 125 lb body until it looked more like those ones.

Cut to 2013 when I gave birth to my son, Wolfy, and what little definition I did have in my midsection was completely lost; even after all this time, I'm soft at best. I've got a gym membership that I rarely use; because honestly, as a single, working mama, the treadmill doesn't make it very high up my list of priorities. I'm too busy and too tired.

So when the idea of doing a boudoir photoshoot with The Adore Girls in Nashville was initially brought to me, I was excited but definitely nervous. I thought it was probably time to crack the proverbial whip on myself -- to lay off the Chik-fil-A mac n' cheese and pick up a bikini body exercise regimen. But ultimately -- and thankfully -- I decided against it.

For MaNy MoOnS I've been standing on my metaphorical soap box, urging any and every woman I come across to adopt an attitude of body positivity. I lovingly scold my friends and family when they speak negatively about their bodies, never failing to tell them that they're beautiful exactly as they are. Needless to say, I knew it was time for me to practice what I preached. I didn't need to be different or "better" to wear lingerie or take sexy photos. I just needed to love my body for what it is now.

Luckily, the amazing woman who started The Adore Girls, Jamie, did nothing but encourage self-love and acceptance when I met with her. "One of the things we hear the most from women is 'Oh, I could never look like that,' or 'I need to lose weight first.' But it's just not true!" she told me. "F*** perfect."

That was all the confirmation I needed to ~*GeT mY sExY oN*~ as is. No stressing about calorie intake, no rice cakes in lieu of cheesecake -- I was already good enough.

When I got to the studio the day of my first shoot [a bag full of lingerie in hand], The Adore Girls team was waiting for me with a mimosa and plenty of encouragement. We talked through wardrobe options while their hair and makeup artist worked her magic, and before I knew it, I was walking around half naked without even thinking twice about it.

I spent the morning and afternoon laughing, wrapped in lace among new friends. It felt good to feel so comfortable, and to celebrate my femininity without apologizing for my own perceived imperfections.

Take a look at some of the photos I got back and let me know if you love them as much as I do! And hey -- if you've been wanting to try something like this, but are holding yourself back until you're More This or Less That, just jump. You're already worthy. You're already sexy. All you have to do is let yourself believe it.



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