Kanye West Makes Out with Kim & Immediately Leaves Her to Carry Bags Alone

Listen -- I'm an independent spirited little woman with a ~*CaN-dO-AtTitUde**~, but this viral video of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian has me [and the entire internet] face-palming.

You see, the clip shows the couple making out in an elevator in Paris, which sounds romantic until you see that Kanye goes from kissing her to ditching her -- literally leaving her to carry their shopping bags alone.

Maybe being raised in the south affects my view of this whole scenario, but if my man left me alone to carry the bags [in PARIS of all places] right after touching on me, I'd be a little peeved.

Some fans think Kanye might have just bounced because he felt shy when he realized that people saw them kissing. What do you think?

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