Disney's 'Tangled' Has Very Weird Parallels with Coronavirus Pandemic

The entire planet has a lot of extra time on its hands lately, given social distancing and mandated quarantines in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

So its no wonder that Disney fans noticed that there's some pretty weird parallels between the Rapunzel flick Tangled and what we're currently going through.

First of all, Rapunzel is the queen of not leaving her house. I mean, hello, she was stuck in a tower for 18 years and had to come up with all kinds of ways to keep herself busy.

Additionally, she lives in a kingdom called....wait for it..........Corona!

Sorta reminds me of how The Simpsons 'predicted' a ~*bAjiLLiOn ThiNgS*~ over the years, like Trump's presidency and even shi** like Farmville. LOL!

What do you think about all this?

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