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Taylor Swift's Publicist Hits Back At Kim Kardashian Over Leaked Kanye Call

Taylor Swift was pretty much ~*CLeArEd Of ALL (MeTaPoRiCaL) ChArGeS*~ in relation to the Kanye West controversy, as the full version of their infamous [gettit?] phone call leaked last weekend.To sum it up, the footage proved that Taylor had been telling the truth the whole time. Yeezy never asked her permission to use the lyric 'I made that b**** famous.'

As apologies began pouring in on social media, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter in an attempt to do damage control.

....But then Kimmy K looked just plain silly, as Taylor's publicist Tree Paine re-posted her original statement on the matter.

The only explicit commentary T-Swift has given about it [herself] lately came from her Instagram Story, where she asked fans to refocus their attention on aiding The World Health Organization and Feeding America during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ultimately, none of us want to be defined by the worst thing we've ever done, and our worst mistakes don't have to overshadow our greatest triumphs. That said, it's clear that Kim & Kanye were in the wrong here. They owe Taylor a massive apology, and I don't think that should be out of the realm of possibility given that Ye has recently talked about finding God. [Peep the Vogue editorial below to read his quotes about how he prays for grace, and how 'the principles of Christ will make you a better person.']

I would like to believe that eventually, these three can bury the hatchet and show us what humility, forgiveness and redemption truly look like.

I won't hold my breath, but I'll dare to hope.

How are you feeling about all of this?

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