Nursing Home Lets You 'Adopt' Lonely Grandparents in Coronavirus Quarantine

Nursing homes everywhere are having to place their residents in isolation -- barring visitors and even restricting their ability to socialize with their peers -- due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As you can probably imagine, such conditions would make anyone feel incredibly lonely, which is why CHD-Living in London is allowing English-speaking applicants from around the world to 'Adopt' a grandparent until this is over.

"The nature of care means that we’re looking after some of the most vulnerable members of society at the moment. We are however keen to keep spirits in the homes high and so have been thinking of ways that we can continue to enrich the lives of our residents whilst providing them with stimulation and companionship. It made sense at this time to digitize the Adopt a Grandparent campaign and to recruit further volunteers who might like to help keep our residents company over the coming weeks."

Participants would essentially become virtual volunteers who would connect with their assigned 'grandparent' through video calls. The organization pairs you based off of your mutual interests, so if you'd like to get involved, click here.

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