J.K. Rowling Launches 'Harry Potter At Home' Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Potterheads rejoice! Because the ~*Queen of the Wizarding World*~ herself J.K. Rowling has announced the launch of Harry Potter At Home -- a digital hub to help teach and entertain quarantined kiddos during the coronavirus pandemic.

The website has craft videos, quizzes, puzzles, and access to the entire Harry Potter book series. Rowling has even granted an open license for teachers to read the novels aloud to their students in virtual read-a-long sessions!

I can't even lie to you -- I'm super emotional about this. Harry Potter was the first novel that I ever read, and it has been a great source of comfort to me during the more stressful seasons of my life. I'm really glad that it's being made accessible to kids who need a little magic right now.