Joe Exotic's Husband Dillon Just Shared A Ton of Secrets About 'Tiger King'

It's safe to say that the world only cares about two things right now -- coronavirus and Tiger King.

So in an effort to spend one frickin' minute talking about anything but the former, you may be interested to know that Joe Exotic's current husband Dillon Passage has been granting interviews [to basically anyone who wants one].

Some of the ~*WiLdEsT*~ revelations are that the couple married after knowing each other for just TWO F***ING WEEKS, and that Dillon allegedly first learned about his man's feud with Carol Baskin via the Netflix documentary.

Passage also said that Joe is in isolation in jail due to the coronavirus, and that they haven't been able to speak for several days. However, he did spend time explaining all the Tiger King memes over the phone, and Joe is unsurprisingly delighted about his newfound notoriety.

Check out Dillon's conversations with Variety & Andy Cohen [respectively] for all the tea.

Photo: Netflix.

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