Ariana Grande Supports Florence Pugh Amid Zach Braff Dating Controversy

Did you know that 24 year old Little Women star Florence Pugh is dating Zach Braff?

Well, she is.

And when her fans caught wind of this [via her essential confirmation of her relationship status via an Instagram post on Zach's 45th birthday], they lost their sh** in the comments. *Pugh has since shut them off.*

.....and then she posted an IGTV video responding to all the backlash about their 21 year age difference.

Cue Ariana Grande -- who has also faced her fair share of relationship-specific criticism -- now showing her support for Florence amid the controversy. Ari literally said she wanted some of the things Pugh said to be tattooed onto her chest (lol).

See what she had to say and wade through everyone else's opinions below.

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