Ariana Grande Sings 'I Won't Say I'm In Love' for Disney Sing-A-Long

ABC put together a Disney Family Sing-A-Long on Thursday night with an all-star celebrity line-up, and it did not disappoint.

Demi Lovato, the cast of High School Musical, effing Beyonce, and Ariana Grande, who absolutely ~*NaiLeD*~ her rendition of I Won't Say I'm In Love [from Hercules].

She honestly couldn't have performed a more personally appropriate song -- I literally never realized until this moment that her iconic high-pony is totally reminiscent of Megara's. LOL!

Pretty sure we're all gonna petition Disney for a live-action remake of Hercules now. They've newly adapted basically every other animated movie, so why not this one, too?!

Anyway, check out Ari's performance below [and prepare to have your mind blown]!

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