The Rock's Daughter is Obsessed with 'Moana' But Doesn't Know He's Maui


We need to discuss what's been going on with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his daughter, Tia, immediately.

Like many youngsters [and human-beings in general], two-year-old Tia is obsessed with Disney's Moana -- and the character Maui (~*DeMiGoD oF tHe WiNd AnD SeAs*~), in particular.

But the thing is, while Tia makes her dad sing 'You're Welcome' to her approximately 8,000 times a day, Tia has no idea that he literally is the voice that brought Maui to life.

Every sentient being with a reproductive system is understandably ~*QuAkiNg*~ over this [myself included].

I actually got a little emotional over the fact that one day when she grows up, she'll learn that her hero on-screen is her hero in real-life, too.

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