Nashville's Frist Art Museum Announces Virtual Exhibit On First-Time Voters

Hi, it's me, your friend that is constantly on her soapbox about the importance of being an engaged citizen -- especially when it comes to DOING YOUR DAMN CIVIC DUTY AND *VOTING*!!!!

Seriously -- did you know that Tennessee is actually ranked 49th in the nation for voter turnout? [You can read more on that below, but ohmygod that has to change.]

That's why I'm so excited that Nashville's own ~*Frist Art Museum*~ just announced its first online exhibit -- We Count: First-Time Voters, opening May 1st.

It's going to cover the history of voting in the United States and spotlight the first-time-voting experiences of a diverse group of Nashvillians.

No matter what side of the aisle you're on, please make sure that you're registered to vote and ready to go on Election Day. You can check your status online; it takes literally two minutes to register, should you find you need to. Just click here to get started.

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