Disney+ is Working On A New Adaptation of 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians'

Percy Jackson & The Olympians is close to Harry Potter level for me; so I'm sure you can understand why I was upset several years ago when two [abysmal] movie adaptations were made and then...nothing. THERE ARE FIVE BOOKS IN THE SERIES, SO NOT ONLY DID THEY DISAPPOINT WITH THE TWO MOVIES THEY DID MAKE, THEY JUST STRAIGHT UP DIDN'T EVEN FINISH THE STORY!

[**Note: Logan Lerman made a super cute Percy. It's sad the franchise didn't pan out with him as the lead.]

But alas! The dawn of redemption is upon us. After years of begging every major Hollywood production company via Twitter, we're getting a do-over -- and ~*tHe HoUsE oF mOuSe*~ is behind it.

Author Rick Riordan just announced that he's working with Disney+ on a live-action TV-series, which will cover The Lightning Thief in its first season.

Even Logan commented on the happy news, which squeezed my heart a little bit. Maybe he can make a cameo in the new version!

Are you screaming yet?!

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