Harry Styles Drops Sensual 'Watermelon Sugar' Video 'Dedicated to Touching'

Well, if anyone was ever in doubt about the meaning of Harry Styles' latest single, Watermelon Sugar, the music video should clear things up for you. It opens with a cheeky note about being 'dedicated to touching' and then proceeds to be extremely suggestive [I AM NOT OKAY].

Just [breathe into a paper bag and] watch.

So, yeah. (*clears throat*) It's iconic.

And what makes it even better is that Harry is being called the 'King of Consent' after models featured in the video shared about what it was like on set. "The people were telling him to touch my hair and play with it and he was like, 'Wait, wait, wait, pause — can I even touch your hair? Is that even okay?'

Anyways, we've been stanning. But this just goes to show why we literally have no choice.

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