The Guy Who Invented Crocs Lives in Nashville & His Yard is Very Strange

I recently went on a canoe trip down the Harpeth River, and on my way up there, I saw something pretty weird [but mostly just awesome].

There were a bunch of gigantic-ass dinosaurs all over somebody's lawn.

ApPaReNtLy, the guy who invented Crocs [yes, CROCS] lives there. And I guess he really, really likes dinosaurs.

A staff member from Broken Paddle Outfitters [rent your kayaks and canoes from them, they're great] told us that Bellevue locals call it Jurassic Park.

I've heard some conflicting stories -- one being that George [Mr. Crocs himself] put the dinos out there for his grandkids. Others say he just likes to make people in the community happy, and that's why they're there.

We may never know, but regardless, it's hilarious and pretty cool. Read more about it from our friends at Fox Nashville.

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