Halsey To Non-Black Fans: 'Listen with Love' to Your Black Family Members

Halsey just took to Instagram to encourage her non-black fans to 'listen with love' to their black family members.

The 25-year-old artist and activist is bi-racial herself [her mother is white and her father is black], but acknowledged her privilege as a white passing person earlier this week.

In her latest IG post, Ashley praised her younger brother Sevian for 'finding his voice and protesting every single day,' noting the importance of receiving the trauma of our black loved ones with grace and empathy. You can read her post in full below.

Halsey has been praised widely on social media for her participation in the Black Lives Matter protests since the death of George Floyd, and has even been photographed administering first aid to wounded participants.

If you're white and looking for learning resources about how to be an anti-racist ally [and I hope that you are], keep scrolling.

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