Reese Witherspoon Questions Gov. Bill Lee About Nathan Bedford Forrest Bust

Despite on-going protests against white supremacy and police brutality across the United States, Tennessee lawmakers have voted against removing a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the capitol building. They also voted to preserve July 13th as 'Nathan Bedford Forrest Day' in the state.

[Just in the off chance that you weren't aware, Nathan Bedford Forrest was a slave trader, confederate general and first grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.]

Reese Witherspoon -- who grew up in Nashville -- has since called out Governor Bill Lee for saying that there is "a need for greater dialogue" on the issue.

"Is this even a conversation?" she said in a Tweet. "A statue that honors a KKK founder? We need to get rid of this disgusting symbol of racism. And every other marker of White supremacy in the state. The Great state of TN deserves better."

There has been much public outcry in the hours following this ridiculous decision, including a protest on Wednesday at legislative plaza. There are also multiple petitions in circulation urging Bill Lee to take action to move the bust. Go add your signature.

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