Local Black-Owned Restaurant Hosting Community Event for Law Enforcement

A new black-owned restaurant in Murfreesboro, TN is hosting a community event called "Beyond My Title" today, and it aims to allow members of the community an opportunity to connect with members of law enforcement. The event will be from 5PM-7PM at Beehive Bistro LLC on Mercury Blvd.

Owners Mike and Tim actually started the restaurant when their jobs were affected by COVID-19. They then decided over a phone call to invest in their dream of owning a brick and mortar restaurant.

“At this bistro, know that the cooks took time perfecting every recipe over the years. I understand you are thinking... ‘That’s what everyone says.’ However, you’ll have to see what the buzz is all about. From our wings with a special Memphis twist, our soul food with recipes stolen from your grandmother’s house, or salads and loaded potatoes made the way you choose. We’re sure you’ll fly back to the hive once you leave.”

I actually dropped into Beehive Bistro last week! I literally cannot stress this enough -- the food is fantastic. I tried the fried fish [see below] and it was the best I've had. I'm looking forward to going back to try the fried chicken soon. Tim told me that he worked on the recipe for over a year.

Check out Beehive Bistro's full menu below!

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