Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals New 'Intimate' Candle to Jimmy Fallon

You may remember a time several months ago when Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop started selling a $75 candle called 'This Smells Like My Vagina.'

While the public at large was generally like 'Girl, what the actual f?', she did explain that it was truly just a tongue-in-cheek feminist statement, aimed at helping combat shame that women are taught to feel about their lady-bits.

She was clearly onto something, because that vajayjay candle quickly sold out. So now she's got another one, newly revealed to Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. Skip to 9:40 to see what it's called. Hint: the box has fireworks on it! LOL!

The new candle, listed for $75 on Goop, "is made with tart grapefruit, neroli, and ripe cassis berries blended with gunpowder tea and Turkish rose absolutes." Click here if you want to buy one!

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