Kanye West Criticized Harriet Tubman At His First Campaign Rally Last Night

Despite the conflicting reports about whether or not Kanye West is actually running for president, he did hold his first campaign rally in South Carolina on Sunday night. West appeared on stage wearing a military-style vest with “2020” shaved into the back of his head, and spoke without a podium or a microphone.

The event has been described as chaotic and unorganized, with West yelling at one attendee for wearing a mask, alleging that Harriet Tubman didn't actually free any slaves, and breaking down in tears as he described how he "almost killed" his daughter.

He spent quite a bit of time talking about women's reproductive rights and his intention to get rid of Plan-B, as well as his plan to promote a policy that would give $1 million dollars "or something in that family" to every woman who gives birth to a child.

While Kanye has missed the deadline to qualify for the ballot in several states, he has qualified to appear on Oklahoma’s presidential ballot. He needs 10,000 signatures by noon today to qualify for South Carolina's ballot.

How are you feeling about all of this?

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