New Taylor Swift Songs Detail the Love Story of Former Owners of Her Home

Taylor Swift dropped her 8th studio album folklore at midnight, and Swifties have been hard at work ever since to decipher every single detail.

Many fans were actually kind of worried -- because the vibe of the album is generally pretty melancholy. ARE TAYLOR AND JOE OKAY?! was the sentiment of countless reactions on Twitter.

But I don't think anyone needs to be worried -- because not only is there evidence that Joe Alwyn actually co-wrote a couple of the tracks, but Taylor herself said that these songs are about history, story-telling, and escapism. One song, the last great american dynasty -- seems to be about the previous owners of her Rhode Island home, William & Rebekah Harkness. Rebekah's nickname was 'Betty' -- the title of another cut.

What are your favorite tracks on folklore?!

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